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Sell To A Veteran's educational platform teaches Veterans and active military personnel the process of obtaining and achieving the American dream of home ownership. Sell To A Veteran and its staff prides itself in the education and guidance that we provide to the Veterans and active military personnel during this process. Taking our Veterans from "Contact" to "Contract" to "Closing" ensures that all Veterans and active military personnel are personally being taken care of throughout the process on the path to home ownership!


Sell To A Veteran has an extensive educational platform where we teach, guide, and provide outreach to all Veterans and active military personnel. It is within our programs that our Veterans can learn, become a part of, and achieve becoming a home owner.


Sell To A Veteran is the only charity of its kind that raises money to assist Veterans in covering some of the costs that are associated with financing the purchase of their new home - earnest money and and home repairs, if needed.


Sell To A Veteran has been fortunate enough to bring' in various affiliates across multiple industries; industries including but not limited to - banks, attorney's, inspectors, movers, financial and credit advisors, title and home insurance brokers, etc. These affiliates give discounts  to the Veterans and active military personnel for their services when needed. 



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