How it works

At first contact, Sell To A Veteran thanks the Veteran for their service and then reviews the assessment/profile provided by our lead source. At such review, Sell To A Veteran asks the following questions:
  • Where do you want to live?
  • How much are you comfortable spending per month for housing?
  • What type of home are you looking for (i.e., style of house, number of bedrooms, etc)?
After this discussion, the Veteran is referred to a VA Home Lender at which time all necessary financial documents are collected and reviewed and a determination of the Veteran's eligibility for a home loan is established. If the Veteran qualifies for the loan, a pre-approval is issued by,the lender. If the Veteran is not approved, the Veteran is referred to one of our other affiliates,for future guidance.

Then, the Veteran is asked whether they have a real estate broker that they would like to assist them in finding the home of their choice. Sell To A Veteran is affiliated with multiple real estate companies. The Veteran is informed of the relationship between Sell To A Veteran and their,real estate broker-partners. The Veteran is asked if they want one of our affiliate agents to assist,them in finding a home of their choosing.

If they request such assistance, a discussion ensues as to the entire home-buying process (how to search for homes, how we negotiate the purchase, etc.). The Veteran is informed that their assistance in this part of the process is essential so that the type of house, in the right neighborhood, with the best school district can be located. 

With the Veteran's input and assistance, our real estate broker-partner meets with and shows.the Veteran the prospective houses. During this process, our real estate broker-partner brings to,bear their knowledge of what is required to pass VA Home Lender approval.    "

Once the Veteran finds his home, then his real estate broker-partner assists them on getting the house for the best price with the best terms. Taking into minimum property requirements and closing costs, the offer includes such repairs and/or closing costs that are beneficial to the Veteran. Sell To A Veteran and our real estate broker-partners have multiple certifications and designations geared toward such negotiations when it comes a VA home loan.

After the purchase price is agreed upon between both the Veteran and the seller, a home inspection is ordered to make sure that all the appliances, utilities, the foundation, the roof, and anything else necessary to pass VA minimum requirements is up to code and accepted. If not, the purchase price is then renegotiated to include such repairs.  Sell To a Veteran has affiliate home inspection contractors that not only perform their excellent home inspections as soon as possible, but  also provide their services at discounted rates.

When both Veteran and seller have a "meeting of the minds," the Veteran is asked whether they have an attorney to represent them in their transaction. If they do not have an attorney, Sell To A Veteran will refer them to an attorney on its approved affiliate list. Once an attorney has been chosen, they will receive the contract from the seller's attorney for review. Once the earnest money has been agreed upon and the contracts have been signed by both parties, the contract is then forwarded to the lender for underwriting and clear to close.

The bank that the Veteran has chosen will issue a clear to close and a closing disclosure. This closing disclosure breaks down all the numbers within the transaction. The Veteran will go overnthis with their respective attorney. Once an actual closing date is set, the Veteran will then officially own their home and receive the keys.


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